Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

Camping at Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park


Opening dates for 2018 are from
19th March 2018 to
3rd November 2018

Opening times are
10am until 6pm
from 19th March until 30th September.

From 1st October until 3rd November, 10am until 5pm.

CLOSED from:
4th November 2018.
Re-open 1st April 2019.


£3--90 [14yrs and over]
£2--90 [2yrs to13yrs]
FREE [under 2yrs]
£3--50 [OAPs]

Prices include V.A.T.

Cardigan Island
Coastal Farm Park

Cardigan, Ceredigion,
West Wales, UK
SA43 1PR

Call: 01239 623 637
Fax: 01239 612 196

Come to Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park for
Cardigan Island
Atlantic Grey Seals
Dolphins in the wild
Island views
Amazing scenery
NEW Kune Kune and Mangalitza [curly] pigs.

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Flora at Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park

View looking across fields to Cardigan IslandThe spring and early summer is the best time to view the beautiful wild flowers that grow in the park and on the surrounding farmland.

During May and June the cliff-tops and pastures of the farm park are carpeted in little wild maritime flowers. These include tiny blue Sea-Squill, lovely Pink Thrift (also known as Sea-Pink), yellow Vetch and white Bladder Campion.

These flowers also grow in clumps on cliff ledges - a beautiful sight especially on a sunny, early summer's day!

Gorse bushes also flower here from March onwards. The strong scent of the bright yellow flowers is reminiscent of the smell of coconut. It is quite intoxicating!

The footpath that leads from the pond to the cliff-top follows a 'cwm' or little valley.

During the spring lovely Bluebells can be seen growing alongside.

The north facing side of the cwm is also carpeted in delicate pale yellow Primroses.

Later on, the little ponds and stream at the bottom of the cwm are surrounded by Yellow Flag or Wild Iris.

In the shallow water grows Great Reed Mace, which is also known as 'Bulrush' to the disagreement of some botanists.

The shallow water is also where the Goat Willow thrives.

I wonder how many people realise that the bark of the willow, 'SALIX' in Latin, is where one of our most important and useful medicines - Aspirin - was discovered? Hence the medical name for Aspirin - Acetyl-Salicylic Acid.

These are just some of the flowers and shrubs of the farm park.

Many others can also be seen here at various times of the year, to delight people with a love of nature.