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Farm Animals

We have lots of traditional farm animals at the Farm Park including our large flock of friendly sheep, greedy pigs, cheeky goats, playful ponies, happy hens, cud-loving cows and cheerful donkeys (although they might not always look it!). We also have adorable alpacas as well as cute rabbits and gorgeous guinea pigs.

Keep an eye out for baby animals all year round. Watching lambs frolicking in the fields during spring is a must, while oinking piglets snuffling for food and energetic foals racing around are always fun to see.

We try to keep our animals in as natural an environment as possible while still remaining safe and protected, so they can all be found in their outdoor pens as you walk around the Farm Park where they have plenty of grass and open space.

Learn more about our farm animals from our interpretive signs which are dotted around the walk near to each animal’s pen. You can also feed some of our animals by buying animal food from our Entrance Desk for 70p a ba